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The Days That Make It All Worth It

You have days like this one, and it seems like, really seems like, you aren't going to do anything correct. You just aren't.

And then you have a day where they play a game like the one shown in the picture. Some kind of amalgam between the game of checkers I had just shown them how to play and the game of chess they know I love.

And to be honest, four has been pretty awesome.

I was thinking about just how awesome as I scrolled through Facebook posts from other triplet Dads who have young ones and were, simply put, overwhelmed.

For a sex that prides itself on motion and doing and energy and work, there were a lot of Dads who simply seemed at their breaking point in February. And that isn't to judge; handling triplets is hard. Damn hard.

And yes, I once said about how three was the perfect age. I also once wrote "Preschool Not For Me School."  What do I know? I hadn't had four year olds yet. Kids are like what I imagine it was like when the first humans figured…

Risks? What Risks?

Kids are wired all wrong.

Even compensating for and taking into consideration the fact that four-year-old children need a strong self preservation mechanism or their little bodies would never make it to adulthood they seem to be wired all wrong.

At least mine.

Exhibit A. By son, now rapidly approaching five years old, will still sometimes refuse to go down slides. Not the shiny metal, super heated, thigh burning variety, or even some super-deluxe, twisty turny, five-story high monstrosity; just a simple, single turn, plastic one at the local Burger King. Ok, you say, maybe he is afraid of heights or the fall. Which I'd totally buy as an explanation, except he has no problem standing on his dinner chair, then happily jumping onto his sister's chair.

Exhibit B. My other son nearly melted down during a recent climb up a playground at the Crayola Experience. He climbed his way up one of those climbing towers every playground seems to have. About three quarters of the way up toward…