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My Journey To Headstand

 Hello and welcome along with me on this journey.  Hopefully by the end I'll (we'll) accomplish a handstand.  Though, to be honest, I'll be perfectly accepting of a headstand. I've already started a little bit with some core strengthening exercises and lots of Pinterest research on the steps needed to get to handstand.  The TRX app I use also has a Pathway to Headstand session I've been using pretty much every day.  Here I am - after warming up - trying a headstand with the TRX straps:  That is assisted by the strap obviously, but I'm pretty proud I got that strap foot to float all by itself there.  Getting it all the way vertical is the trick. I mentioned some of the steps I'm taking to get there.  This series of posts will probably be an ongoing update of my progress and how I'm feeling.  Plus a little about what I've learned and relied on to get there. Should be a fun ride.
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My day in pictures: July 3

  It’s just a little stormy.

My day in pictures: July 1

Gin and soda.

My day in pictures: June 23

Almost there!  Have collected pretty much every license plate on the East Coast.  Missing: Mississippi.

My day in pictures: June 22

On the road.  Virginia.  Seen 33 state license plates.


A couple months ago I posted about a push up challenge , and at the risk of pushing this blog into a self-help section, I'm going to post something else that I really enjoy that I think might help a reader or two (all two of you!). currently runs what it calls "Mid-Week Meditations," which is a short story on some piece of ancient wisdom.  Oooohhhhhhh, its ancient.  Just so you know, I'm not one to fall for the whole "ancient" is best meme. But this is legit good stuff.  They take a quote or concept from a philosopher in the past - think Marcus Aurelius - translate what the sometimes mumbo jumboish phrase means, and then kind of detail how you can apply it. This week, its all about how to train your mind for constructive thinking . One thing I love about the series is that it doesn't dress up the knowledge too much.  It doesn't make it out to be more than it is, or suggest that its great simply because some Greek guy said it 2

Stop Telling Kids They Are Perfect The Way They Are

Parenting is super tricky. You do a thing you think is great - look, I've set very strict guidelines that will make my kid a super adult and prepare them for the world - and all you do is instill them with the thought that you never let them have fun and kept them from being able to adjust to the world as it is. OTOH, you give them no rules and be their friend, and they long for you to have given them direction and guidance and pushed them so that they didn't end up with no skills and a habit of laying around on a couch all day. It is really the ultimate no win situation in a game that feels incredibly important to win.  As a result, I'm hesitant to give hard and fast advice on how to parent a specific child. But there is one piece thing I think we parents need to stop doing across the board: stop telling kids they are "perfect the way they are."   This is also a tricky, mine filled field to traipse through, because honestly, self esteem requir