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A reminder that life is short

We were at the playground the other day when I saw the words on the right scrawled into the playset.

I'm 37; I realize people die.  I realize my kids will grow up to learn and hear about all types of awful things and also live to be a relatively well adjusted 37 year old.

But this play set is at an elementary school.

An elementary school.

At a high school, sure, I can see that.  Believe it or not, 18 years is a long time and things happen during long times.   By graduation my class had lost 2 students that I can recall.  One to murder and one to health.

But this was an elementary school.

Its funny, because a few short days later the entire interwebs blew up about the inappropriateness of a dance Miley Cyrus did during what amounts to a celebration of inappropriateness.

But people were asking how they could explain Miley to their kids, their daughters.

Honestly?  If yours kid witnessed Miley's dance that night, her dance was probably about the 35th thing you need to explain. T…

Put me in coach, I'm ready to parent; Part II

Football training camps began recently, the baseball All-Star game came and went and the second “half” of that season got underway.  It all led to a post last week about how parenting triplets is a lot like being a pitcher or hitter.  You are constantly using an informed guess to figure out to avoid that walk-off homerun.  Keep them off balance and you can succeed.  Go to far afield from a strength however, and you can quickly walk the bases full on four bad pitches.
That was the first 18 months or so.  Those are your playing days.  The game and the day is yours.  Once a minor leaguer, you bask in the glow of the major league role of Daddy.  You’ve been called up to the big game.  This is what you’ve waited and prayed and practiced for; especially when you’ve waited three years, like we did.
It all goes by so fast.  One day you are hitting simple bottle requests out of the park, and the next thing you know you are swinging at air trying to figure out what is going on. The game sudden…