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Study: Breast is (possibly slightly the) best

According to a study done at the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center and published in the journal Pediatrics, and reported on by WebMD, breast milk-fed infants showed slightly higher mental development at 6 and 12 months, and slightly improved language skills at the same ages. Breast-fed infants performed higher than milk or soy formula fed babies at psychomotor skills at 6 months.

This is all very interesting. And I’m sure, given the battle over breast feeding, that these findings will go to bolster the “breast is best” crowd. But there are a couple of points I’d like to raise in the debate in deference to fairness and completeness.

First, the researchers point out the differences between breastfed and formula-fed infants “were quite small after adjusting for other factors, like being small for gestational age, etc.” So, when you factor out stuff that gives infants an advantage anyway, the difference between breastfed and formula fed was “quite small.”

The second is another point th…

Tuesday Trip Tips!

Triplet tested, Triple The Dad approved!

When we first brought our three little ones home getting them to sleep was key.  Not only for our sanity, but to prevent them from waking each other.  If you are reading this then you probably have or had young kids, and if you have, you know the the term "sleep like a baby" refers to some mythical time that may or may not exist.  It certainly does not apply to 3 month olds, unless by "sleep like a baby" the speaker is referring to sleeping somewhat fitfully for 3 hour chunks.

We were determined to only feed our babies on our schedule.  Not anything harsh or mean, mind you, but when you have three some sacrifices have to be made.  We couldn't feed one at 2 hours, another at 3 hours and yet another at 3.5 hours.

So came to rely heavily on this Fisher Price Aquarium Swing.  When one of the babies woke early or was grumpy, a quick trip into this swing was usually enough to get them right back to sleep.  Failing that, the al…

I'm I Ordinary Enough?

Well, I just submitted my article for  I thought I was about 3 weeks late, but it turns out I sent my "almost done" email April 10, so it was closer to 5 weeks late.  Two weeks per kid isn't too bad, I guess.  And hey, I have triplets, so cut me some slack.  The process of writing it could have been an article unto itself.

But its finished and off.  I'll post a link to the article once its up and probably cross post the article here.  For the time being I'm posting a short preview below the break.

Building an Accent Wall Against Kids' Color Choices

It won't surprise many of you that kids can get really into something.  As in really into something.  I'm not talking about a cabinet or a bag of flour.  I'm talking about how a child will pick one particular toy - in a room of 100 toys - that is just absolutely their favorite and that they can't live without.
Mine aren't old enough to do this with colors yet, but I'm braced for the inevitable "favorite color" barage that is coming from my triplets.

I'm going to try to avoid the mistake this guy made by not letting my daughter and two sons know that the local Home Depot retails about 5,000 shades of color.

But I'm not sure I, or anyone, can avoid the inevitable change of heart that come with being a child.  Which is why I'm already readying my defense: the accent wall.

In my mind it goes this way: At some point the boys will be spun off into their room and Sadie will have the place to herself.  She will inevitably tire of the nursery colo…