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On Boston

This is a bit late the party, but I thought it worthwhile.  In all the sadness I think there are a few things worth taking away.

First is that many of the initial reports will be wrong.  There was no bombing at the library.  These initial reports serve only to increase fear and the feeling that the world is "out of control," when in reality is the attack is smaller than we think.

Secondly, you shouldn't panic.  While this should seem obvious, what we end up with in reality is Good Men Project's Joanna Shroeder  talking about an "out-of-control world." While I don't always agree with everything posted on Good Men Project, its generally a levelheaded publication.

They should know better.

During a time of fear and heightened sensitivities this kind of "out-of-control" talk only agitates the situation and is in no way helpful.  The reality is that, no, the world is not "out of control."  A small percentage of a very large population do…

Something Happened On The Way To 2

I’ve had a post rattling around in my “to be written” bin for a few months now.  There it languished, bumped by more pressing posts bubbling up to the surface and by a general lack of knowing how to write it.
The post was all about how I expected this lightning bolt to hit me when my kids first rolled over or crawled or walked and how it never came.  Obviously their first steps were nice accomplishments and I was glad they took them.  But there was no lightning bolt.  I had been told that the Mom-child bond is immediate but that the Dad-child bond sometimes takes a while.  Not that Dads don’t immediately love their children.  It is just that the “lightning bolt” moment sometimes takes a while.  Yet, milestone after milestone passed without notice.  The first month went by; then four went by, then 8 went by.  We passed 12 months (1 year!); nothing. 
Just to be clear, I still loved my kids more than anything.  Before I had kids of my own I would have scoffed at the idea that fath…

Tuesday Trip Tip!

Triplet tested; Triplet Dad approved!
There is an antiloper in our kitchen.  Three of them, actually.

And that is why I'm so glad for the Ikea Antilop!
Because when you have triplets who have started eating in high chairs you have three things: Expenses; messes; and more messes.  The Antilop knocks out all three.  At $25 its affordable, even when buying 3.  Made of simple plastic its easy to put together, easy to take apart, and super easy to clean.  Did I mention that feeding triplets is messy?

Poop. Am I A Good Dad?

I’m a good Dad.
Man in the sky, I hope I’m a good Dad.
I spend lots of time with my kids, probably more than the average Dad.  And yes, I know it isn’t all about time.  I also think I’m setting a good example; but who knows what little minds absorb.  I do 5,000 things in their presence every minute.  Some of it is inevitably going to be a poor example.  And again, who knows which one of the 5,000 things they are picking up on.  Sure, I put a nice face on in front of them, or try to, at any rate.  I have a fairly healthy relationship with my wife.  I try to be nice to people and generally happy and helpful.  Will any of that stick?  Or will the time when
I’m overwhelmed by the reality that is triplets and yell at the dog be the thing that sticks?
After all, those other 4,999 things are all, well, ordinary.  But there is Daddy yelling at the dog to quit barking.  Maybe they ignore all that smiling they see hours every day and pick up on that single, unusual outburst.  I’ve said …