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Pre-School Not For Me-School

Admission: My wife and I weren’t likely to send our triplets to preschool.  My wife recently raised the possibility of sending them a couple days per week, but in our initial conversations, we figured they wouldn’t need it.
Our kids receive a fair amount of social time with other kids between our friends and my wife’s meet ups with other triplet moms.  We read to them almost to a fault.  They do puzzles and listen to music and play games at home during the day.
If they already get social interactions and preschool-type education, what was the point? (And I stage this as an honest question.  If you have a good answer, please head to the comments and let me know.)
Then along comes this article suggesting that, if you are reading it – or this blog – you probably don’t need to send your kid to preschool.  See, if you care enough to read an article on the value, or lack thereof, of preschool, you are probably already doing a good job of parenting.
Kids of smart, well-to-do parents …

Triplets: Only For The Very Committed

Raising triplets is hard and scary.  Even to those with three or four children of their own.
I get it.  Trust me, I do. 
If I didn’t, the 10 people who point it out to me on every single trip we take our triplets on would make sure I do.  We are either brave on the level of firefighters or strong on the level of WWE fighters.
Those people are correct, of course.  Raising triplets is hard.  If it doesn’t seem that way to us we owe it partly to my wife’s superior organization talents and partly to the fact that this is just our life.  We don’t know anything else.  To us, having kids is raising triplets. 
On a somewhat unrelated note, I was reading a story today about world population and the magical 2.1 birthrate required for stable populations.  Turns out large portions of the world fall below that line.  Some, like Sweden, go as low as 1.2.
The author has two little ones of his own and at one point discusses the idea of a third.  His points:
If wanted to pop out another ankle-bi…