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Raising triplets? Watch the movie Gremlins.

I haven’t posted in a while.  14 straight days of sick child will do that to you.  First my daughter comes down with a 105 degree fever in the middle of a hurricane.  She recovers only to see one of my sons fevered by an ear infection.  One day later my lone holdout succumbs to a stomach bug.
Just prior to the great plaque I relived part of my childhood by watching Gremlins.  The movie ticks through the rules of owning a Mogwai.  Of course the characters pay no heed.  The movie moves through each consequence.  Meanwhile, it dawned on me:  triplets are a lot like having a Mogwai.  To wit:
One moment you are celebrating a happy, warm, loving Christmas season.  Just you, your family, and the dog.  You receive an awesome gift.  In real life it’s a pregnancy after 3 years of trying.  In the less dramatic, movie version, it’s a Mogwai.  So far, so good.
Pretty shortly thereafter everything comes apart.  Months of worrying about a triplet pregnancy.  Then months of bed rest and hospit…