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The Picky Eater Panic

I really wanted to post this article on picky eaters for three reasons:
First: There is some good advice for introducing foods (I’ll get to them at the end).
Second: because food seems to be a difficult issue for many families.  Based on the amount of stories written about it dinner alone must be a terror for many.
Third: I think we get it right and I’d like to brag a little.
The advice is so straight forward and logical it frightens me that it parents apparently suffer “lot of worry and mealtime strife.”  The story specifically mentions a harried mother “racing” home (what, no father rushing home?) to cook pasta that her kids hates.  Ignore for a minute that “making” pasta involves the tiring task of boiling water.  Why is Mom doing all this racing?  Pasta can easily be cooked ahead the night before, reheated and jazzed up with sauce or butter and a sprinkle of cheese.  Throw some canned chicken into the mix.  Microwave a side of green beans or mixed veggies and viola, healthy me…