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The Thin Walls Between Working At Home And Insanity

If you've never been to triplethedad before, or you don't know me IRL, let me introduce myself: I'm a work-at-home Dad (WAHD) of 20-month-old triplets.  I'm sure you've already reacted in one (or maybe both) of two ways:

1) Triplets? Oh god.   2) I'd love to work at home and take care of my kids!
I base the first on personal experience with people I meet.  The second I base on a mix of experience and the amount of advertisements I see offering Moms home-based jobs (most of those aren't real, FYI).  From those ads it appears working from home is a parents' dream.  
You probably paint a great picture in your head of what it is like: Working from home, doting on your little ones, able to check in on them at a minute's notice.  At the first sign of a whimper you can rush to their rescue.  It must be great, right?  You could finally earn a much needed paycheck while also showering your child with all the time and attention you want.  
It isn't all bad; b…

How Being A Dad Has Made Me A Super Hero

This isn’t one of those stories where becoming a father made me a super hero because Dads are super heroes.  They are; and I am.  This isn’t a story about how Dad’s are super heroes in their kids’ eyes.  They are; and I hope I am.  But this isn’t that story. 
This one is more personal and it is about my journey alone.  But I think its about a journey to super herohood that many Dads probably share; so I’m sharing it with you.
For most of my life I’ve been the bull-in-a-china-closet type.  Delicate actions and precise movements were never my thing.  If you needed a needle threaded or pattern traced, you’d best look elsewhere.
I remember modelling as a youth.  Cars – Corvettes, mostly, planes and boats.  I made a lot of models.  Yes, I guess I was sort of a geek.  But the worst of it is that I wasn’t even all that good.  A combination of fat, clumsy fingers and impatience meant most of the models ended up looking like Mr. Potato Head assembled by blind dogs.  Bits of glue pooled here …