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Things I Learned On Vacation

We recently took a two-week family vacation. In part, that explains why I haven’t posted in a while.  I was also busy trying to parent through some rough seas and minor medical things that go along with parenting and will probably be the focus of future posts. And I was being lazy; don't forget lazy.
Vacations can be great.  They are nice for down time.  The mindlessness it can sometimes entail can paradoxically allow for really deep consideration of things.  But as my wife said, vacationing with kids is mostly doing exactly what you do at home, but instead you do it closer to the beach.
Too true.
Still, a couple things struck me.
The first was that the 10-toy plan to parenting on a dime is absolutely feasible. Vacation is a great time to see how your kids react outside of their natural environment.  Its also a time where you leave most of your stuff at home. And by “your,” I mean the kids. Frankly, the kids have a lot more stuff than me these days. And while most of it is way co…