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Why are my triplets crying today?

If you are a parent, or on the internet in anyway, really, I’m sure you seen those listicles. Articles/lists of things. 

In honor of the many websites and listicles covering similar topics, I’ve decided to take a crack at the genre myself. Every single one of these is true.  Every. Single. One.

So without further ado…

Why is one of my triplets crying?

01) My wife carried him up 2 of the 13 steps
02) He only managed to hook one of his feet onto the crib before being placed in said crib
03) I mentioned peanut butter as a food option
04) I responded by telling him he didn’t have to have peanut butter
05) I may have mentioned food
06) I offered him a hug
07) I didn’t understand a word that sounded a lot like hybgibberit
08) I gave him the exact lollipop he asked for
09) "Over The Rainbow" is being sung by Izreal, not Dorothy
10) I put raisins on his plate and not his hi-chair tray

The Guy in the Next Stall Over

“Daddy, guy” my daughter said as she crouched down in the stall of men’s room, pointing at the pair of shoes in the stall next door.
I calmly told her that, yes, there was a guy over there and we had to focus on pottying.
“Daddy, guy” she reiterated.  She crouched down once again, her bottom hovering ever so slightly above the bathroom floor.  She leaned forward, trying desperately to see up under the wall.  “Daddy, guy in there.”
I hadn’t been sure at first whether her interest stemmed from the fact that there was a stall with a toilet next to ours, or whether someone was actually using that stall. 
“Daddy, guy in there.”  Yep, sure enough, there was a man in the stall next to ours.
I need to explain a couple things at this point.  First, the fact that my kids call all strange men “guy” is my fault.  On vacation last year we saw someone sitting on a balcony near where we were staying and I said “Hey, look at the guy.”  For the rest of the vacation they looked for “Guy” outside.  Gu…