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Sometimes, You Just Have To Let The Happy Out

I was part of a discussion on FB the other day with fellow triplet Dads about divorce.  One of the Dads is headed that way, another is already well down the road, and of course some of our number is already past that point.

One of the posters said that the divorce rate for parents of multiples is something on the order of 80 percent.  Could 8-in-10 marriages involving multiples really end in divorce?  The number seems simultaneously impossibly high and entirely legitimate.

My wife is awesome beyond belief and she deserves the bulk of the credit for keeping this circus running and the lions from eating the trainers (it isn't easy being married to a Super Hero, but that is a post for another time).  Having said that, it hasn't always been easy, on her or me.  During those times, an 80 percent divorce rate seems, well, if not personally relatable, at least a completely reasonable number.  Every kid stresses a marriage and every marriage goes through struggles.  I'm sure I'…

Three: The Perfect Number AND Age

The timeline of raising triplets goes something like this, in my experience:

The early months of having triplets blurs by.  You have no sleep, you know you've had coffee, because you are awake, but you can't remember if you ate.  You hear kids crying, even when kids aren't crying; and even when they aren't with you.

Year one is fun, but it is still lots of work.  Its like those first years of college, where you are suddenly being challenged in all kinds of new ways, but its all so fun and exciting that who cares.  Its like, well raising Gremlins.

By year two, the novelty has worn off.  This is the time when those kids that couldn't handle the excitement of college have dropped out.  But there isn't any dropping out of parenting.  And there is a reason they call it the Terrible Twos - at this age parenting is more like managing a baseball team full of ... um, interesting personalities.

And then you hit three years old, and it gets harder.  That is right, harder.�…

Serve Your Kid A Fistful Of ... Veggies!

Are you worried your kid isn't getting enough fruits and vegetables?  How can you not be, right?  I mean, there are thousands of articles about it online and your kid is probably pushing his plateful of vegetables away with only a bit more gusto than he inhales sugars.  And then there are the judging eyes of other Moms and Dads and Grandparents.  It is really, really easy to worry that your kid is falling short of the recommended amount of veggies.  But are you sure?

What I call the Picky Eater Panic occasionally rears its ugly head even to me when I see my kids wolf down pizza while vegetables sit sadly on their plates.  But its a mostly overblown fear.  The secret truth is that a serving of vegetables for you three-year old isn't that big and your kid is probably easily getting that much.  How much? About a quarter cup.

That is the word from

Below are the serving sizes for three- to six-year-old kids (with the serving size for 1-3 year old kids in parenthesis…

Snow Day!

Working from home isn't always everything it is cracked up to be.  For instance, I got the stomach bug this week, and one of the disadvantages of working from home is that its hard to justify taking the day off.  I could never have made it in to work and functioned Tuesday.  But working from home means I can work laying in my bed.  Sure, I could take a day off, but do I really want to?  Why use a perfectly good day off on being sick when I can stay in my PJs, make it a light day, and save the day off for some nice warm day in April.

That warm day is not today.  But I'm glad I was feeling better.

Of course, one of the advantages of working from home is that sometimes, this is my lunch break:
(scroll down for more)

And this is the view from my office:

And a trip to the swings with the wife and triplets is the day's "team meeting."

We had a lot of snow in the Northeast last year, but at 2 years old, the kids weren't really sure what to make of the snow, and even…