Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm I Ordinary Enough?

Well, I just submitted my article for  I thought I was about 3 weeks late, but it turns out I sent my "almost done" email April 10, so it was closer to 5 weeks late.  Two weeks per kid isn't too bad, I guess.  And hey, I have triplets, so cut me some slack.  The process of writing it could have been an article unto itself.

But its finished and off.  I'll post a link to the article once its up and probably cross post the article here.  For the time being I'm posting a short preview below the break.

What is a column from a dad of triplets doing on a site titled “Ordinary Parent?” Well, it is because in a lot of ways I’m no different than any other parent.

I’m aware that the mere idea of triplets scares a lot of people, even parents who raised four or even five kids of their own. People let us know that every time we leave the house. Or as @arweneliza recently tweeted to me: “Just the thought of triplets is terrifying to me.”

But believe if or not, being a triplet dad isn’t the nightmare you might expect. Well, it’s not the nightmare as you probably imagine it, at any rate.

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