Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Trip Tips!

Triplet tested, Triple The Dad approved!

When we first brought our three little ones home getting them to sleep was key.  Not only for our sanity, but to prevent them from waking each other.  If you are reading this then you probably have or had young kids, and if you have, you know the the term "sleep like a baby" refers to some mythical time that may or may not exist.  It certainly does not apply to 3 month olds, unless by "sleep like a baby" the speaker is referring to sleeping somewhat fitfully for 3 hour chunks.

We were determined to only feed our babies on our schedule.  Not anything harsh or mean, mind you, but when you have three some sacrifices have to be made.  We couldn't feed one at 2 hours, another at 3 hours and yet another at 3.5 hours.

So came to rely heavily on this Fisher Price Aquarium Swing.  When one of the babies woke early or was grumpy, a quick trip into this swing was usually enough to get them right back to sleep.  Failing that, the alternating lights and moving sea creatures usually entertained them until they were sleepy enough to dose back off.

On the bright side, the lights/mobile has an auto shutoff, so it will conserve energy; on the downside, the lights/mobile has an auto shutoff so you'll have to get out of bed every 8 minutes to restart it.  Someone at Fisher Price should really design the button so that multiple pushes gets you multiple rounds of lights and sounds, but otherwise its a great product and comes highly recommended from your truly.

Price:  About $100 retail, but you can easily find them for $50-$75 at consignment sales or online.

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