Monday, January 4, 2016

A Look Back At 2015: Part I

Everyone makes New Year lists. And yes, later this week, I too will reveal my New York list. After a few years in remission, Better Bryan will be rejuvenated as Better Bryan XVI.

But for now, I wanted to take a look back at how I did on my goals for 2015. So each day this week I'll be taking a quick and short look at one of my goals and how I did. Then we can mock how pitifully it all went and later this week I can wipe the slate clean and set up new goals. We start today with two more nebulous goals.

The first:
More calm.  I'm already a big fan of demonstrating calmness to my kids.  We talk about taking deep breathes when we are angry and going to our happy places.  Not much makes me happier than when my kids are in a high stress place and tell me their happy place is "their home."  But I want to do more.  I don't always model perfect behavior in this realm, and I know that if I want my kids to be on board with this, I have to do better myself.
Yeah... four-year olds suck. Four was a tough year. We have back talk and attitude and spunk out the wazoo. I wish I had seen that coming when I made this goal. Alas, its a poor excuse. Everyone can remain calm when its calm all about them.


The second:
More movement.  No, this isn't an exercise-related goal.  I want more movement on the book I'm writing.  Did you know I'm writing a book?  How could you, since I work on it so rarely.  But I am, at least, I would be, if I ever made a move to edit it.  And more movement on my goal of learning program, too.  And, well, why not? More exercising in 2015 too. I mean, it wouldn't be a new year post without an exercise goal, right?
Welp, this started off poorly. I think I edited a couple hundred words. I rewrote the story a dozen times in my head, which is something, I suppose. I think I have it plotted better, such that it matters. I'm not going to make excuses (I have triplets) or explain why this didn't work out (did I mention it was a hard year) or tell you about how I started going into an office this year. Again...


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