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The Obligatory January Post

I have three-year-old triplets and lets face it, Christmas is all about the kids.  Once you get to a certain age Christmas is nice, but in reality its all about the kids.

As an adult, New Year becomes your Christmas.

Think about; you ask for all kinds things adults want - health, wealth, a better body, more drive.  It is the worst Christmas ever, because you don't ever get any of what you ask for, but you get the idea.

And yes, I'm aware I missed the "window" for cool, new year resolution posts about how I'm going to be a better Dad, better husband, and better blogger in 2015.  I've got news for you: I've missed the window of "cool" for just about everything since around 1988.

Except the head-shaving trend.  I started shaving my head in 1995-1996 and after 18 years of atrocious hair, I got way out ahead of that trend.  So far out that my friends' Moms asked if I was a Nazi.  But that is another story for another time.

Today is Jan. 22, but its still January.  And looking around, pretty much everyone has given up on their resolution to exercise.  Check your local gym, it is probably emptying out.  And all those resolutions to be better parents by putting down the cell phones and paying more attention?: abandoned.  Though you needn't feel bad about that.  Those goals about being nicer in the new year?  Did you see the reaction to the State of the Union address?

So while everyone else is already forgetting their resolutions, I'm just getting started on mine.

More kids.  Nah, just kidding, the three we got are more than enough.

More posting.  I had something like 44 posts last year.  That amounts to almost 1 per week, but that also includes Tuesday Trip Tips.  I'd like to post pretty much weekly.  I'm aiming for say 60 posts.

More outreach.  I'm very interested in growing the readership here by guest posting and commenting more on some of the sites I read, and generally interacting more with them.

More reading.  This one is personal, rather than blog related.  I have always been a voracious reader.  But for a couple years there I didn't really much of anything other than directions on formula.  I've gotten back into reading of late and I want to continue this.

More calm.  I'm already a big fan of demonstrating calmness to my kids.  We talk about taking deep breathes when we are angry and going to our happy places.  Not much makes me happier than when my kids are in a high stress place and tell me their happy place is "their home."  But I want to do more.  I don't always model perfect behavior in this realm, and I know that if I want my kids to be on board with this, I have to do better myself.

More movement.  No, this isn't an exercise-related goal.  I want more movement on the book I'm writing.  Did you know I'm writing a book?  How could you, since I work on it so rarely.  But I am, at least, I would be, if I ever made a move to edit it.  And more movement on my goal of learning program, too.  And, well, why not? More exercising in 2015 too.

I mean, it wouldn't be a new year post without an exercise goal, right?


  1. I'm still holding strong on my resolutions. Except the "cut back on wasting time on the internet thing" but I knew that was going to be a work in progress :P

    But go you!

  2. HA! Visiting triplethedad isn't "wasting time on the internet"!

  3. No, visiting THIS site isn't, but I'm pretty sure I don't spend hours a day reading this :P


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