Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Five

Its Friday, its Summer, and its absolutely gorgeous weather here in suburban Philadelphia. As a result I thought I would pen what I hope is a fun little post about toys.

As a Dad of triplets I spend a decent amount of time surrounded by, and playing with, toys. I have some experience in this area, is what I'm saying.

The first one compares Legos to Shopkins titled "Shopkins Must Be The Devil." Hint: Legos win. Don't buy your kids Shopkins. Though the ever wonderful Mrs. Triplet Dad is spot on when she criticized this post for disparaging something my kids love so much.

Damn kids.

They really are confounding. For instance, I have a son who is totally in love with the Star Wars characters. Mostly Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. This doesn't differentiate him from pretty much every other almost 5-year-old kids, I realize. What is unique is that he is horrified of the movies, and the bad guys in particular, and hasn't watched more than about 2 minutes of them. Then again, he has always liked the bad guys.

My other boy likes dolls. And while that is OK, it really does differentiate him, doesn't it? It also made for one of the most popular posts EVER on TTD.

Another from the "most-popular posts" category: How to live with just 10 toys in your home.

And finally, as I said above, its summer and its a beautiful day. Remember two things as you go about your weekend: Don't make parenting harder than it has to be, and keep in mind that today, and tomorrow, are almost certainly going to be better than yesteryear.

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