Thursday, October 6, 2016

I Sent My Kids To Get Sick

Something pretty amazing happens every year at this time.

Back to school pics.

Facebook is absolutely flooded with them. At least it is if you are of a certain child-bearing age. Its pretty much a right of passage. First day of Kindergarten, first bus ride (EVER!), first day of high school, college drop off, first job, first day on the job wearing a blue shirt, etc. If  you send kids to school, you almost have to take a pic at this point and post it on Facebook, complete with Pinterest-cutesy sign, or it didn't happen.

Que the 100 likes you'll inevitably receive on that pic. If you aren't posting these, you might as well not have kids. Pics or it didn't happen. 

Or maybe you just really care about your kids.

Because think about what those pictures really are.Those cutesy "first day of school" pictures are really "I sent my kid to go get sick" pictures.

After we sent our kids off to school this year (obligatory pics take and posted!), it took them all of a week and a scant few days to come down with some unnamed illness. They passed that around to each other over the subsequent days, and then shared with Mom and Dad.

In their defense, we do emphasis the need to share things you don't want or aren't using any longer.

What all those pictures are really celebrating is a Hunger Games-style test of your child's immune system. You might as well write "First Day Of Immune System Training" on that Pinterest-cutesy sign. Because that is what it is.

People (some, not all) are scared to give their kids vaccines or sugar or chemicals, but will gladly and compliantly send their kids into a sickness battleground, knowingly and willingly giving their kids ailments that will transfer to the entire household.

That is some messed up thing to celebrate.

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