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Tuesday Trip Tip!

If you are like me, you really enjoying working out.

But lets face it, almost none of you are like me. You likely aren't 6'2"; you almost certainly don't have triplets; and  most importantly, you probably don't like working out.

Approximately 140% of everyone made some kind health/workout related New Year resolution we have since forgotten.

I'm no personal trainer, and I'm not a licensed physician or anesthesiologist, But if you want to get in the best shape possible in the shortest amount of time possible - a must for triplet parents - try Keelo.

What I like:
Quick routines: sometimes as short as 9 minutes, but as many as 20. It is, as you may have guessed, HIIT (high intensity interval training). The "quick" is important when you have a full-time job and triplets.
Customization: tell the app what you have available; it tailors your workout. Have dumbbells and jump rope? It will push exercise routines featuring that equipment. Having nothing? Fear not, the app will create body-weight workouts for you.
Variety: This isn't the same 4 workouts again and again. Even if you have nothing at hand, there are enough body weight workouts to keep you interested.
Challenge: I've tried something like 4 workout apps out of the 12 dozen available. One thing I like about Keelo is the challenge. It appears to ramp up your suggested workout based on how you rated the workouts before. I'm probably fitter than average, and the workouts are a challenge. It also offers scaled-down exercises for almost every routine so beginners won't be scared off.
Reminders: The app will prompt you at a set time if you haven't worked out yet, and while you can select any workout, it recommends one and gives you an alternative.

What I don't:
Nothing. It isn't free, which I guess is something to complain about in a world of free apps. But you can try it free, and after the first six or so workouts it provides a discount on the app. I forget the price, but it was small and well worth it. Also, the name. Keelo. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Runner up: Sworkit.
What I like:
Quick routines: Pick your total time working out, the amount you spend on each exercise and how much rest in between. This is great when you have only a little time during nap. And the "Fit in Five" minutes feature is nice.
Customization: You can pick how long you work out, rest, etc. etc. but not which exercises and you can't add weights - its all body weight. Which is fine as far as it goes, but you might find yourself undermatched if you are relatively fit.
Variety: Fairly decent amount of exercises.

Why its a runner up:
Challenge: 30 seconds of jumping jacks with 15 seconds rest is still just 30 seconds of jumping jacks.  A mere warm up exercise for most people even if it is followed by 30 seconds of T-push ups. The difficulty is just a little all over the place.
Variety: There is a fair mix here, but some of the exercises - jumping jacks for instance - are too simple to really be effective, IMO.


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