Thursday, January 7, 2016

Better Bryan XVI: The Blog Goals

So here we are, the first week of 2016. We spent the week reviewing 2015, which is already a distant speck in the rear view mirror. But looking forward, what are the goals for 2016?

Post every week: This ties in to a couple other goals, but I'd love to post at least once every week (every week being 51 weeks - guy gotta take a vacation). I put up 39 posts in 2015. I'd like to put up no fewer than 45 this year, with the absolute goal being 51, as I said.

Grow the blog: This isn't a numbers thing (that is below). I'd like to come up with another feature for the blog. Something like What We Are Eating Wednesday that features pictures of what we ate that week. I've flirted with a "30-Seconds With Triplets" feature that I may break out.

Grow the numbers. I'd to write well enough and promote often enough that no single month in 2016 is lower than my slowest month in 2015. That won't be all that hard to accomplish. My bigger goal, and I'm almost hesitant to post it, is that in 2016 I break my monthly record for visitors set way back in July 2015. On a more macro level, I'd like to see more visitors in 2016 than I did in 2015.

The Book Project: Maybe I'm crazy, maybe not. But I'd like to try to publish an anthology of blog posts from myself and other Dads. Its a severe uphill slog, I realize. But I'd like to say at the end of 2016 that I gave this idea a fair shot. What is a fair shot? Decent promotion fishing for writers. If they aren't there, if no one is interested, so be it. But next year at this time I'd like to at least look back and say I gave this one a fighting chance and it just wasn't there.

Say hi more: More posting on other parenting blogs and participate in more linkys this year.

More pics: I like when the posts have pics. And while I do it, I'm hesitant to post pics of the kids - at least regularly. So I better get creative, because I would like most of the posts in 2016 to have visuals (hey, look, I'm failing already!).

There, that is it. Those are the goals for 2016. Are there any goals you think I should go after? Anything a blogger like myself should be trying or doing or aspiring too? What are your goals for you blog/personal life in 2016? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I like your goals, and I like your blog. Your kids are adorable, btw! I still cannot figure out how to follow it though. I think these goals are great. Someday, like all of us parent bloggers, we will be so thankful to have all these memories and details to look back on. I love your idea for an anthology too; too bad I am not a dad! Have you had any interest in the project? Finally, to address your last paragraph, I think you should go after ALL the goals; why not? They are not unreasonable in the slightest. I think you are doing everything an aspiring blogger should do and you are doing things that had not even crossed my mind. Good for you, Triple Dad. I had not thought of blogging goals myself other than to get more pageviews and whatnot, and maybe try different kinds of blogging which I am doing with my show The Bachelor, kind of like what I would consider to be entertainment blogging. But for life in general, I wrote a post about my goals this year. It is the aptly-titled "Starting Anew in Life and in Writing in 2016" (or something close to that) on my page if you want to check it out. Thanks, and happy writing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, taking a minute to comment, and the very kind words!

    I've had some initial interest in the anthology, not as much as I'd like perhaps, but it's early yet. But keep checking in, I may have to expand its authorship.