Thursday, August 21, 2014


The part where I change a lot of diapers:
Sixteen thousand four hundred and twenty five.

Every year since their birth I’ve put up a post about how many diapers I’ve changed since the triplets’ birth.  The threesome turned 3 about three weeks ago now, so while this post is a bit belated, its nonetheless appropriately scheduled I suppose.

And as you can probably guess, that shocking number above is how many times we’ve changed one of the three kids’ diapers over the last three years.  Three years, three kids, 16,425 diapers.

You know, approximately.

We’ve been lightly potty training for a while now and plan a real ramp up (Potty Boot Camp!) in a couple weeks, so the number is probably just about topped out.

The part with interesting facts
Googling 16,425 turned up the website  I didn't click on the link.  You are  more than welcome to if you want.

It also turned up more homes than you would imagine.  Apparently 16,425 isn't very popular except as a street address.

Ki16425 is a LPA receptor antagonist with selectivity for LPA1 and LPA3.  Whatever the hell that means.

Skipping the elevator and taking the stairs burns an extra 16,425 calories per year!

About 15 minutes of bodybuilding per day burns 45 calories and done daily, it could burn 16,425 calories!

16,425 calories equals 4.7 pounds of body fat.

The part where I show my work: 

How did I come to 16,425?  Well, I figured 365 days in a year, times 3 years, times 5 diapers per day, times 3 kids.  Five diapers is about where we are at now, maybe a few less, but any excess accounts for the fact that we averaged about 8 per day per kid early on.

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