Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Trip Tip!

[Warning: today's Tip is on the expensive side.  But if you are looking at spending this type of money on a playset, you might find this review helpful.]

Now that Christmas is in the rear-view mirror and we stuck in the doldrums of winter I thought I'd post a nice Trip Tip that looks forward to spring.  I know, you have big Christmas bills to pay off, but keep and open mind, because Spring really is just around the corner.

Last Spring we made a big mistake when we took the neighbors up on their offer to let our triplets play on their play set.  Because once we did that, its all the kids wanted to do.  The first step into the outdoors immediately prompted pointing and shouting towards the play set.

Now, our neighbors are nice enough - I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we used it.  But when you have triplets, you use stuff.  I didn't want our three ruining their singleton's plaything.  Also, I didn't want to spend the rest of my summer in their yard.

So we went looking for a set of our own.

This is what we came up with.

The reviews on almost every set that doesn't require a second mortgage ranged from "we set this up yesterday and our kids love its" to "its a piece of trash."

I will say that set up took a while.  An entire day for my Dad and I.  Assembly isn't for the meek of heart, but if you have half an idea of how to turn a wrench, you should be fine.  Just don't think its a two-hour job.

As to the second issue, its quality.  I've delayed posting this specifically so that I can comment on its quality.  Is this set the best, most indestructible playground set on earth?  No.  But like I said, we weren't taking out a second mortgage.  Having said that, its perfectly find.  It has survived pretty tough play from triplets for six months as well as summer sun and temps hitting 100 degrees and three snows.

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