Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday Trip Tip!

Ok, so Christmas is right around the corner.

If you haven't already finished shopping for you toddler, you are probably in a pure panic.  Sure, you can go out and see if anyone still stocks the Hug-Me Elmo, only to be upset, and further panicked, when you find they have it.
Ninja Yum!
Makes a surprisingly great Christmas gift for toddlers!

Have no fear, Triple The Dad is here.

This Christmas, get your toddler something both you and he can enjoy.  A Ninja blender.

Ok, so you'll enjoy the blender more than he will.  But have you purchased gifts for a toddler?  Three quarters of the fun for them is in the opening of the wrapping paper and no less than half the fun is in playing with the box.

So you'll let them open it, and play with the box while you get to work stuffing the child's new Ninja with fruits and veggies.

I suggest you start out with a banana, a cup of frozen strawberries and say a half a cup each of milk and yogurt.  Let your kids help by dumping the strawberries in.  Let them watch as the blender does its job.

Get all excited as you drink it.

Soon enough they'll want one.  It is fruit and milk, so of course they'll love it.   I mean, fruit and milk are at the heart of the Little Miss Muffet children's story for a reason.

But didn't I say veggies?  Yes I did.  Now that we have the little ones hooked on fruit smoothies as a snack, we can sneakily throw in a handful or two of baby or adult spinach.  The spinach adds somewhat disturbing green flecks to the smoothie, but next to no flavor, so the kids will never know.

The dirty little secret of the "veggies" world is that most have nothing going for them.  Those green beans you wish your kid would eat?  Nothing.  Very few vitamins, especially at the portions kids are going to eat them.  Great for adults who need filling, no-cal, foods to cram into their mouths.  Not great for kids.

But spinach, on the other hand.  Well, its jammed full of nutrients, so even if its the only veggie your kids eats, that is probably OK.

Bonus trick: Google smoothie recipes with pumpkin, another super, nutrient rich food kids are likely to enjoy.

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