Thursday, November 21, 2013

Whine and Cheese

My kids are the best behaved children in the world.  Seriously; I’m pretty willing to place bets on this issue: my kids behave better behaved than your kids.

I took my triplets to the grocery store by myself two weeks ago - just Daddy and three two-year-old triplets.  We survived.  More importantly, since this had every chance of devolving into a Carrie-esque situation, the store and everyone inside survived.  This is a minor miracle.  I know this because I’m constantly seeing tweets about how scared people are to take their singleton or two out. 

And then @wyguymom says “God bless you.  I wouldn’t attempt that if my life depended on it.”

It’s the grocery store, people.  On my last solo trip I managed to explode an entire bottle of Manischewitz wine on the floor all by myself.  It got cleaned up (I think).  No harm; no foul.  And what would the kids do?  Scream.  Please; I’m so over screaming its not even funny.  Don’t like that my kids are screaming?  Good news, they won’t be near you for more than a couple minutes and you can leave their presence.  Let that sink in: YOU CAN LEAVE THEIR PRESENCE.  How about a little sympathy for the parent of screaming triplet who can’t leave?

I suppose they could start knocking things off the shelf, but, honestly, I do that all myself.

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  1. Tracy complains a lot about taking her son to the store and how much work it is and I roll my eyes and resist saying, "Triplets," because I think she's given up being as awesome as you (and they) are.

    I'd agree. You have the best behaved kids :)