Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three Kids; Two Years; 13,000 Daipers

The triplets turned 2-years old recently.

People often ask me how we manage (we get less "I'd kill myself" now, which is nice) and what it is like to be a Dad to triplets.  This number sums it up: 13,000 diapers in two years.  My wife and I and essentially one other person have changed 13,000 diapers over the course of the last two years.

That is what it is like. And 13,000 probably falls on the conservative side.

I arrived at 13,000 based on 6 diapers per day per kid for 730 days.  With potty training under way we are probably edging closer to 5 diapers per day or even 4 in some cases, but throw in a random pootastrophe here and changes during said training there and 6 per kid isn't unreasonable.  There was a time when we easily changed 8 or 10 per child per day.  Probably hit 12 on numerous occasions.

13,000 diapers.  And we are almost two months past their birthday now, so lets just throw another 1,000 onto that pile.  Why not?  14,000 with all the associated time, poop, and cost that goes with it.

And sure, anyone who has three kids you probably will change 13,500 diapers; but not in two years.

The math to get the 13,000 figure was easy.  But here is another fun fact I figured out along the way: At 1 minute per change, we spent more than 216.5 hours out over the last two years changing diapers.  That is 9 full days!


  1. Seriously crazy. Those kinds of numbers are staggering.

  2. Staggering is a very good word. Thanks, supersahd!