Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Trip Tip!

Triplet tested; Triplet Dad approved

Step 2 Choo Choo Kids Wagon

We absolute love this one.  It is great for hauling our three around just about any space: malls, Target, flea market, farmer's markets.  You name it, this thing will go there.

Unlike many strollers, and our triplet stroller in particular, the open air nature of this train gives riders nearly 360 degrees of viewability, allowing them to look around.  Our three prefer the less restrictive nature of the seat belt compared to the harnesses in strollers and the ability to look around.

An unexpected and immensly useful aspect:  It has cup holders.  This is an awesome feature for those warm days or for snack holders.  And considering its length, its amazingly mobile.  You'll certainly get noticed.
Pictured below is a three-unit Choo Choo, but you actually have to purchase an extension seat to get to three.  You can easily find two-unit Choo Choos available.  Price: $130 with free shipping.

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