Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Trip Tip!

Triplet tested; Triplet dad approved!

Little Tykes Rocking Puppy

As toys go, this one isn't educational, its all fun.  Having said that, it is all fun and an absolute winner.  In fact, our three little ones like it so much we offered it in response to a friend's inquiry about what gifts to give a young child. 

There isn't much else to say.  Our kids love this it.  I do worry that they may one day flip it over backwards.  Despite my worries and with one possible exception that I was able to prevent it hasn't happened. 

It retails on Amazon for $35, but my wife was able to find one at a consignment sale for $6.  Some of the best $6 we ever spent.

Age: Up to 3
Weight: Up to 50 pounds

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