Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dad Ankle

I acquired a bunch of injuries over the last 36 years.  Some as a child: I once fell from row 12 of a bleacher.  At least it seemd that high in my sub-10-year-old mind.  In reality it was probably like row 3.  I've got a few scars from football practice in high school.  I carry around some emotion scars from that time as well (insert rim shot).  I've got a scar on my leg where a doctor removed some kind of growth.  Some as an adult: I've gotten a pretty nasty scar on my right wrist from window installation.

Each tells a story deeper and more meaningful than a tattoo ever could.  But none matches my recent ankle injury. 

It is two quarter-sized patches of ... well, dead and hardened skin.  It is white and crusted layers of skin.  The result of sitting on my feet while playing with the triplets it proves impervious to lotion.  What I call Dad Ankle improved a bit after removing the carpet from the playroom.  But no amount of time or lotion completely softened this beast.  And I'm talking manly lotion here, not girly smelling stuff or baby lotion.  Vasoline Men's Extra Strength lotion hardly dented Dad Ankle.  It appears as if no cure exists. 

Like the scars before it, this one may be permanent.  What injuries have you gotten from children?

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  1. I have a one foot scar from delivering said triplets. Along with deep rooted pain in the area at certain times. Long term sciatica and constant worry. I wouldn't trade it or the world.