Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Trip Tip

You'll want
to get out in front
of this behind, trust me.
I'm usually an off-brand kind of dad.  We use Target-brand for most things, such as formula and diapers.  Its rare that I don't find the off-brand product to be the of the same quality as the more pricey, and sometimes much more pricey, name-brand product.  Honestly, how many facilities do you think manufacturer formula and diapers, and do you really think Target has its own?  Or is it more likely that Huggies rents out the downtime on its production line to Target?

That is what makes this post so spectacular.  I'm going to recommend you use Triple Paste for your baby's diaper rash and other skin-related conditions over anything else.  We've tried the imitators, and none have come close.  Target's paste was too solid and hard to remove from the tube.  Triple Paste's tub, on the other hand, is easy to open and the product spreads like a dream.  All without the mess you might imagine.

(Ed note: We recieved this product gratis as part of Triple Paste's Triple Paste for Triplets program.  We also recieved three branded T-Shirts and three Comfort Bears.  Triple Paste did not ask for, encourage or know that I was going to review their product.  How could they, since we recieved the product months in advance of the creation of Triple The Dad?

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