Monday, April 2, 2012

Project: Get Rand To Sleep In His Crib, Days 3-6

We have such good kids that they aren't all that great to blog about.  I started this project thinking I probably had at least a week of nearly nightly posts about the ongoing battle to get Rand to to sleep in his crib and most maybe a month of ongoing discussion.

Instead, I got one night of fighting.

The next 5 all went relatively well.  Sure, on night 6 he woke up at 6 a.m. and cried on an off until his true wake-up time; and sure, he might not have gone to bed until late that night because he now enjoys his crib so much, but that isn't much of a blog-worthy crisis.

There are still things to work on.  For instance, Rand still struggles during nap times and his crib mattress is still inclined, but otherwise I'm a pretty happy Dad.

Instead, I have a glowing review of how adaptable my triplets are.  Good for you, kids, because adaptability will get you a long way in this world. 

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