Thursday, March 1, 2012

King No More

I wish I could cloak the post in black; or more appropriately, chocolate brown.

King-sized Snicker's bars, a one-time favorite of mine, have become a victim of King-sized guilt about obesity. Mars LLC will now only sell candy bars coming in at sub-250 calories, making the 510-calorie King-sized version a big no no.

Which is all fine and good - except for the intrusion into my life and purchasing habits and proclivities - minus the fact that now to treat my triplets, I will have to buy 3 candy bars at 250 calories a piece, rather than a single 510 calorie.

Lets see: a 250 calorie treat (1 candy bar per child at 250 calories) or a 170 calorie treat (1 at 510 calories split 3 ways (510 / 3 = 170) with an added side of sharing and negotiating. I guess I'll be spending more to buy additonal, smaller treats and giving my kids more calories. Thanks.

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