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5 Reasons You Are A Better Dad

As a follow-up to Monday's post I'm now going to discuss what probably makes you a better Dad than me.  Here goes:

You probably have better foresight than I do.  I get myself into a lot of child-related problems simply because I don't look far into the future.  Not even "far," like an hour.  I sometimes end up with crying babies simply because I haven't thought far enough ahead to make bottles in advance, or to prep their highchairs for feeding time.  If it wasn't for the planning of my dear wife, the kids would probably be sitting in one of the two pieces of clothing (dirty, of course) we had for them crying while I frantically make a bottle that is probably 20 minutes overdue.

You are probably manlier than I am, and that will do you well in some instances, especially with your sons.  I'm a lot a things; especially manly isn't one of them.  Most of the time I'm OK with that, as I said in Monday's post, I'm comfortable with who I am, and often, I think its an asset.  But there are times when kids, boys especially, should see their dad as the strong type and not the "go along" guy.  It's something I hope to develop over the next 5 years.

You are probably smarter.  Well, not smarter, per se.  As I mentioned in Mondays' post I'm a bit of a generalist, which makes me good a lot, master of nothing.  You want drywall hung, I can help, you need something written, can do, want to know how to change your oil or tires or install a water heater, windows, doors, I'm your guy.  Want it done quickly or have some unique problem with one of the above, I probably can't help you.

You probaby don't worry half as much as I do.  I worry.  And then I worry some more.  Mostly its about money, but its also about whether my kids will respect me.  And if we will make enough to give them a good life.  I'm sure this isn't that different than the worries of other Dads, but its almost all consuming for me.  And then I worry that the trips will pick up on my worrying, and that worries me.  See what I mean.

Finally, you'll probably have more time than I do.  Listen, it comes with the territory of being a triplet Dad; my kids just won't get as much individual time as singletons.  Sometimes that might work to my advantage, but for the most part, there is only so much Daddy to go around.  Sometimes it worries me, but I've largely made piece with it. 


  1. I dunno, you're pretty manly. You play sports and read the newspaper and you can change your oil and fix stuff around the house and be proud of your accomplishments and state your opinion and argue it and...well, what IS manly anyway? Is belching the alphabet after downing a beer manly? You're plenty 'manly'. Whatever THAT means.

  2. Being a good dad is manly. You have that down...


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